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Using Automation Tools to Push your Content

Emerging tools make it possible for us to pre-schedule and automate common interactions such as social media posting, frequently-asked questions, and calendaring. We will do a survey of the following…

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Get Lean: The Easier Way to Create User Experience

Do your projects often get bogged down in seemingly endless lists of features? Do you find it difficult to prioritize them, and determine which ones your users actually need? Whether your company is…

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The Happy Place: The Science behind Designing for Delight with an Inclusive and Diverse Mind

How many people do you think actually like to be happy? How many people do you think likes to make others happy? Being “happy” is one of the driving forces that push almost everyone to look past any…

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Wage Your Bets: Microservice, Monolith, or Serverless

Microservice, Monolith, and Serverless are some of the three architectural styles that have recently gained popularity. Some engineers swear one over the others, but in reality, there is no black and…

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The 5G Economy : What are the near term impacts on technology?

We are quickly moving to an "Everything's Connected" society. Service providers are . 5G will allow mobile to move beyond consumer and enterprise uses today and impacting Industries and the way…

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Data Talks, Meople Pumble

The trajectory of “big data” and how it will drive the Internet of Things (IoT), healthcare technology, and the future of evolving frameworks in medicine, policy, economics, and data will need to…

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Moving from Idea to Execution: Strategic Planning Done Right!

Whether you’re at the idea or the operational stage of your project or business, you need a plan! Not just any plan, but a strategic plan, which is essential for project and business growth. In this…

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The Back End

Building a business that lasts! . This fundamental course will provide the foundations tools necessary to thrive in any business. Build your business without losing you Adjust and pivot Develop…

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You Too Can Innovate: How to Sell Your Innovation Idea

Emerging technologies are here to stay and will continue to disrupt industries and companies. Employees that have the skills to identify opportunities and implement it within their company will…

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Virtual Humanity

Erin Summers will talk about innovation in AR & VR as it relates to social experiences. Her talk will address the challenges working in AR/VR and the innovative opportunities to create the next…

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Own Your Story

Building Confidence, Competence and Connection Wogrammer is a global nonprofit on a mission to break stereotypes and inspire women and girls to pursue careers in STEM by showcasing real women,…

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How to find High-Impact Work and Make People Pay Attention

“Be more proactive” is feedback we’ve probably all heard at one time or another. But we also know that all projects are not created equal. Simply taking on more work doesn’t always equate to career…

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Delivering Technical Information to a Non-Technical Audience

The “Curse of Knowledge” is real. You may know your subject so well that you assume your audience understands it, even if they don’t. With just seconds to capture and keep attention, it’s imperative…

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Disruption through Diversity: How Technology’s Inclusion Problem Has Crippled Innovation (And How It Can Right the Path)

Solving the world's greatest challenges -- climate change, economic disparity, healthcare access -- necessitates diversity. In recent years, a lack of diversity and inclusion has stifled technology's…

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Taking your Test Strategy to the Next Level

You’re a developer, system architect, tech lead, or product manager. You have a product, you have some tests that mostly catch the big problems. However, it seems like enough problems are sneaking…

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Jira 101

Jennifer Forrest leads a workshop on the Atlassian tools, Jira and Confluence, on the Cloud versions. Participants will walk away with the basics and should be able to use the tool in their daily…

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Being Human: The Competitive Advantage

Driverless cars. Robots. There are major disruptors in play changing the way we drive, how we do business and how we interact with the world. Automation and Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of…

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You are an Ethical Agent: The Social Impact of Software Designers & Engineers

The purpose of this talk is to empower engineers and designers to take a leading role in shaping the social effects of the products that they create. Using privacy concerns as an example, Claire…

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AI Matchmaking: Finding the right Artificial Intelligence strategy for your beloved use case

Attendees of this session will come out understanding: * What are the latest trends happening under the umbrella of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and how are they making an impact to our lives? * What…

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Hands on with Deep Learning and IoT

The world has billions of sensors and internet-connected devices that generate large quantities of data every second. Deep Learning works in combination with the Internet of Things (IoT) across many…

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JavaScript: Beyond the Basics

You know the data types in JavaScript. You can create a loop and define a function. Maybe you've heard of concepts like higher-order functions, promises, and async/await, but they confuse you. We…

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Harness the Power of TDD (Test Driven Development)

We will be facilitating a workshop, open to all levels, on Test Driven Development and Unit Testing (in Java). The attendees will leave with an understanding of unit tests and how to write them, an…

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The Power of WITS – Mentoring hacks that will change your life

Ashley and Kimberly will be sharing a real life story that began at a WITS conference. Ashley was a career changer, just recently transiting into tech when she attended her first WITS conference. She…

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Piloting a Smart City Project: Who’s Done It, and How

Do you have an idea, a product, or a service that would be a great citizen service? Want to get your city's attention and launch a pilot project? Let's talk about who's doing just that - and more…

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The Remote Teams Toolkit: Tips on Leading from Afar

As of 2019, the number of companies with remote workforce is getting bigger — 66% of companies allow remote work and 16% are fully remote. In our digital world, managing a distributed and remote…

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Shaping IT Culture and Technology through Open Source

Utilizing open source technology is an efficient way to add functionality to the applications that we develop and has become a notable portion of our application architectures. The principles and…

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Trends in Cybersecurity: Could you play a part?

Data utilization across the enterprise has changed drastically in the past two years, and beyond that, malware, phishing, and command and control attacks are morphing. From phones, computers, iPad,…

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Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) for Enterprise: Introduction, Current Trends, and Opportunities

Do you understand the difference between augmented and virtual reality, from both the developer and business leader's perspectives? AR, VR, and mixed reality (MR) are terms that are often thrown…

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Getting Started with Vue.js

Learn how to easily create a clean UI with the Vue.js and Vuetify. We'll also cover the basics of creating custom Vue components, passing data between components, and debugging Vue.js. Attendees are…

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Navigating the world of Regulatory Compliance in an IoT World

We live in a world where technology is fluid, which makes knowing what is legally required for your product from a regulatory stand point, challenging to say the least. Even when you are a huge…

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Introduction to Design Thinking

Creativity + empathy + problem solving = Design Thinking. In our given time everything is constantly changing and we have a need to change our approach and processes in order to innovate and grow.…

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