Bonny curates data from the intersection of health policy, health economics, and healthcare to create powerful storytelling narratives.

Let’s face it.

The data revolution is here, and her expertise is tackling industry specific problems– rendering them solvable with data– relying on a wide variety of tools like Python, R, SQL, and Tableau data visualization.

A 20+ year career in academic medicine, industry, agency, medical education and as an in-demand consultant creates a unique approach to data governance, data architecture, and applied data science.

A big advocate of data literacy Bonny is a life-cycle data consultant. The ability to appreciate the overall concept while simultaneously thinking about detailed aspects of implementation allows different levels of abstraction to be curated creatively and empathetically.

Bonny is a member of the National Press Club, Investigational Reporters and Editors, Association of Healthcare Journalists, and past member of the National Association of Science Writers allowing access to a wide variety of medical conferences, plenaries, society meetings, health policy discussions, and patient advocacy forums.

It is this 360-degree perspective that has made Bonny a sought-after collaborative partner and powerful narrative voice in the future of the healthcare ecosystem upstream to actual diseases as well as a guide for point of care decisions informed by high quality evidence-based medicine.