Whether you’re at the idea or the operational stage of your project or business, you need a plan! Not just any plan, but a strategic plan, which is essential for project and business growth. In this session, attendees will learn how to create SMART Goals and action steps to accomplish those goals. Attendees will discover their internal assets, service refinement process, and how to understand and implement best practices after engaging in a SWOT analysis. This session will engage attendees in a discussion designed to help them write out the critical (financial, operational and capacity) elements of a practical strategic plan.

Key take-aways include:
-Attendees will be able to create a one-page strategic plan which will include their business’ long-term and short-term goals.
-Attendees will be able to recognize their unique, but critical role in their company’s success.
-Attendees will be able to articulate barriers that have prevented them from executing in the past, and develop an understanding of how to work through these barriers.
-Attendees will receive a uniquely-formatted goal sheet to complete on their own, or with their team after the workshop.