Bobbie Carlton

Founder, Innovation Women

Crystal Dreisbach

Founder, GreenToGo

Erin Mullaney

Senior Web Developer, Erin Rachel Consulting, LLC

Jennifer Yokley

Vice President of Global Marketing, Trilliant Networks

Kate Green

Senior Automation Engineer, Fugue

Kathryn Rose

Founder, WiseHER

Lauren Hasson

Founder, DevelopHer

Maria Liberovsky

Developer and Educator, Duke University

Morgan Berman

CEO, Milkcrate

Priyanka Komala

Technology Director, The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

Rachael Meleney

Director, RIoT Accelerator Program

Sara Chizari

User Experience Researcher, RedHat

Sarah Glova

Founder and President, Reify Media

Shaloo Garg

Global Innovation and Startup Ecosystem, Oracle

Shannon Kreps

Director Product Marketing, 3D Results

Shelley Westman

Southeast Region Cybersecurity Leader, EY

Shruthi Soora

Senior Staff Engineer, Wireless Research Center

Sushma Punuru

Director Insight Digital Delivery, MetLife

Theresa Caragol

Founder and CEO, Achieve Unite

Valerie Donahoo

Assistant VP of Software Development, Metlife


The Next Digital Frontier- Impact of AI & Machine Learning on Global Economy, Society and Philanthropy

Innovations in digitization, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning are creating performance and productivity opportunities for business and the economy, even as they reshape…

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Do you want to have Super Powers? – EQ, Soft Skills & How to Use Them To Build Your Career

Google, and many other companies, have recently indicated that the number one thing they are looking for in new employees is empathy. SoftSkills and Emotional Intelligence are the foundation for your…

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Cybersecurity: Why preventing risk is everyone’s responsibility

Shelley Westman shares what are the latest trends, breach statistics and threats that everyone needs to be concerned about. For instance, did you know that an attacker is in your network on average…

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What do you need to turn your data into a story?

Don’t you hate going to a session you think should be interesting but find yourself 50 minutes later unimpressed and uninspired. The best presentations, especially those that convey complex concepts…

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Roll Your Own Tech Job: Starting a Business or Side Hustle from Scratch

Getting sick of your daily commute? Wish you could spend more time getting things done and less time sitting in meetings? Do you find yourself looking longingly out your office window, day dreaming…

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Embracing personalization: Let’s Decode the Connected World

Until a few years, the thought of having our daily mannerisms – be it voice, gestures, tap of our finger to using nanobots to perform services belonged to the sci-fi world. The entry of the Internet…

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Flip the script: Testing JS to build better things

How do you get started with testing your JavaScript? What tools should you use? How much code coverage is enough? We’ll look at these questions as we test an app so you can feel more confident in…

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No Excuses – How to Get Yourself on Stage

Are you tired of sitting through yet another DAMP (Dreaded All Male Panel)? Your story will never be heard sitting in the audience. Being onstage is powerful but the issue with many women is that…

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Mapping Your Unique Personal Brand: Stand Up to Stand Out

“A brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room” – Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon What is common to a leader, a manager, a new recruit and an entrepreneur? Yes, you got it right. The…

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Big Data Within Context of Operations

How can we use Big Data to transform a channel experience? Join speakers from MetLife’s Global Technology & Operations business as they discuss Big Data’s role in the Insurance Industry and how…

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Choose Your Own Git Adventure

Want to learn about Git? Come learn the concepts behind the popular version control system. We’ll cover the what Git is, why you use it and then dive in. We will commit, branch and push our way to…

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Real Challenges: Gamificaton, Jiu Jitsu, and Social Enterprise

In this talk Morgan will bring together the themes of her work and play – competition and gamification in tech and as a tech founder. Over the last four years she has had the opportunity to widely…

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Uncovering the Broad Reach of the IoT Ecosystem

The Internet of Things is regarded as the 4th Industrial Revolution, and as such will affect all industries, create new business opportunities and inspire new roles. Hear from women working across a…

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User Journey Mapping with LEGOs

One of the important steps of product design is to understand user journeys and stories. In this workshop, we will walk you through the process of user journey mapping through a short introductory…

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Become a NegotiatHer: Learn Secrets to Make More $ in Your Tech Career

As tech women, salary negotiation is an essential skill, but negotiating isn’t always so easy. Imposter syndrome, fear, and unconscious bias are real adversaries that can get in your way to a…

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