Shelley Westman shares what are the latest trends, breach statistics and threats that everyone needs to be concerned about. For instance, did you know that an attacker is in your network on average for 206 days prior to discovery? Learn what everyone needs to do to make themselves and their companies more secure.

Talking points / key attendee take away:

Overview of today’s breach landscape

  • Understanding the financial impact of a breach
  • What are the challenges companies are facing today
  • Increased sophistication
  • Distributed infrastructure
  • Data quality
  • Shortage of talent

What incident response planning you need to do now to avoid a cyber attack

  • What is the role of the BOD
  • How the role of the CISO is evolving
  • Clearly defined responsibilities for everyone within the organization
  • Cyber skills gap shortage
  • Why we need more women in cybersecurity
  • Understanding the resources you need